Degrees of Horror

The House That Jason Bought, Part I

Episode 12

Cast: Eugene, Markus

Grant is in a medically-baffling coma, as well as six other patients. The ranchers outlying the town are starting to band together to defend against horse thieves with vigilante justice. In an effort to impress his father who has come to town, Jason buys an old house — getting a terrific price because “the guy was eager to sell it real quick.”

Markus throws a housewarming kegger / barbecue event, and most of the school shows up and has a good time. However, a large ringing from the house startles everyone as all the lights, sound, cellphones, and automobiles, immediately turn off, ruining the party. After the party-goers leave, the group Investigates the house and finds an antique grandfather clock that seems to be the source of the ringing. Messing with it, they discover that it sends them back in time for three minute intervals as they re-live some of the house’s fragmented history from a first-hand perspective. In so doing, they discover a plot in the 1960’s centering around the DunMheric family, the Dunsen family, the mysterious figure Emrick, the cult that inducted Grant, and a feud between two groups of Class Protectors from ETU. They also meet a mysterious specter that has a keen interest in what’s going on, and a particular interest in Eugene Dunsen.



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