Keyva Bordeaux

English student


Keyva is a young woman from rural Louisiana. She speaks with a heavy new orleans accent, and often switches from English to French interchangeably. She is quick to anger and often rediculed for her accent and reclusive behavior by gals. She doesn’t seem to like Texas very much.

Episode 1.3 update: Keyva is knowledgeable about Voodoo practices and has a lot of old relics that used to belong to her grandmother. She intended to use voodoo against her professor, but couldn’t go through with it. She did, however, teach the process to her boyfriend in an attempt to impress him. After he used the magic, it consumed him and drove him temporarily insane. Keyva had to work with the player characters to stop him, and the two of them terminated their relationship shortly afterward. (According to rumor, it was a rather violent break-up.)

Episode 1.4 update: Keyva is antagonistic toward Eugene due to an incident where he once broke into her dorm and stole much of the occult items her grandmother left her. She even told the police that he stole jewelery when he broke in. Eugene was expelled for the incident, but was re-enrolled two days later after his father and family lawyer got involved. Formal charges were filed, but no arrests were made. Keyva is rumored to be looking into alternative methods of vengeance.

Keyva Bordeaux

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