Missy Jordon

Popular Student Musician


Missy Jordon is bright, beautiful, and popular. She is an activist, constantly worried about animals and the environment. She takes her studies very seriously and hopes to be veterinarian one day.

Due to her serious attitude and her constant stressing over everything, she has a reputation for being aggressive and bossy.

Missy’s family is very wealthy and her parents own a lavish home in Pinebox, but frequently take long trips as they travel the world. When they are away, Missy and her sorority sisters at Tri-Kappa often use the estates to host lavish parties.

Missy’s childhood studies include several instruments in different styles of music, and she has passed on much of this knowledge to her little brother, Billy. Her family responsibilities mostly involve looking after Billy, baby-sitting him, and otherwise taking care of him when their parents are away.


Missy Jordon

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