Robby Niles

"Be a Zebra!"


Robby is tall and skinny, and much too pale. He doesn’t like crowds, though he can disappear into them quite expertly.


“Be a zebra. Haven’t you watched the animal shows on TV? Zebras survive because they blend in and don’t draw attention to themselves. They stick close together, because the lions pick off the ones who stray too far from the herd. Individuality is over-rated! If you want to survive at ETU, you’d better learn to think like a zebra.”

Robby is resistant to offer much more information than that for fear that others will think he’s crazy. He has some horrific stories about things he’s been through or that other students have done to him over the years, though if you ask around you’ll find that no one really remembers these events or knows much about him.

Robby is a mystery and an enigma wrapped in obfuscation and sprinkled with delusional paranoia. His student guidance counselor believes he’ll be a good role model for incoming freshmen.

Robby Niles

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