Tyson August

Security Guard / Occultist


Tyson August is a physically powerful and imposing man, who naturally takes charge of a situation. He wears a campus security uniform (or at least the tattered remains of one). Many people despise Tyson due to his intimidating manner and his casual tendency to use his stun gun on students.

Until recently, Tyson worked as a security guard on the ETU campus, answered directly to the head of security. This position gave him unrestricted access to the campus.


Somehow Tyson has gained knowledge of esoteric magical rituals. Using an ancient invocation ritual, he nearly burned down the Roost and sacrificed most of the incoming freshmen class to an ancient Inuit deity. While he was unsuccessful, he was able to make a single sacrifice so that he could invoke the power to re-create a magical talisman called the Eye of Torngarsuk.

Tyson August

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