Degrees of Horror

Roadside Assistance

Episode 11

Cast: Eugene, Markus, Mary, Red

On their way back from a charity function with Missy Jordon and the Tri-Kappa Society, the party decides to take a shortcut along a backroad. They stop to investigate some strange lights when they encounter a hole in the ground. Deciding to investigate, they discover a tunnel that leads to an old mining system. There, they rescue a miner who is hurt and clearly running from something. As they scramble out of the tunnels and back toward their vehicle, they realize their are numerous hunting parties looking for them — and their lanterns are the source of the mysterious lights that drove them here. Getting back to their cars, they drive the man to the hospital but are followed the entire way.

While at the hospital, they don’t have any strange encounters but keep a lookout for their perusers. After being treated, the old man somehow manages to escape the hospital without being seen. It’s several hours later and deep into the morning when the party realizes the old man are gone and the perusers are no longer waiting for them.



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