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  • Robby Niles

    "Be a zebra. Haven’t you watched the animal shows on TV? Zebras survive because they blend in and don’t draw attention to themselves. They stick close together, because the lions pick off the ones who stray too far from the herd. Individuality is over- …

  • Johney Chafe

    Johnny is rather unhygienic, sometimes going for weeks without showering. He spends a lot of time in the biology lab, where he adopts various putrid odors.

  • Keyva Bordeaux

    Keyva is a young woman from rural Louisiana. She speaks with a heavy new orleans accent, and often switches from English to French interchangeably. She is quick to anger and often rediculed for her accent and reclusive behavior by gals. She doesn't …

  • Dan Freeman

    Jack Freeman was a bit of a legend when he graduated from ETU a few years. In his senior year, he led the varsity football team to the championship, almost made valedictorian, and saved the life of President Nelson from an explosion caused by a gas leak. …

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