Campus Rumors

There have been many rumors of ghost sightings reported all over the campus last year.

There has been a number of grisly murders recently. It is suspected to be the work of a serial killer. Due to the absurd number of tiny stabbings on the victims, the press has been calling him “The Needler”, named after the mythic creature rumored to haunt the forests.

Steve Browning keeps all the booze stored in his dorm for his fraternity’s parties.

One of the campus security guards may have been mauled by a bear recently. Others are saying it was the Needler.

Rumors abound about The Needler — – a porcupine-man of urban legend rumored to live in the woods near campus.

The school once had a secret occult club called The Class Protectors, but their members may have murdered each other about 50 years ago.

Someone recently broke into one of the girl’s dormitory rooms. They apparently kicked open the door. Some people are saying it was Eugene Dunsen. Others are saying it was The Needler.

Keyven Bordeaux and Scott Rikes have broken up. Their relationship status has been changed to Single.

Grant Harroway has been selling illegal test answers for the midterms.

Scott Rikes apparently showed up to Missy’s Pre-Midterm Party to beat up on his girlfriend. He was stopped by the Barbecue Boys. Apparently they were seeing robbing him and ransacking his car afterward.

The Barbecue Boys had an awesome performance at Missy’s Pre-Midterm Party, but apparently one of their new members is some high-school kid.

Professor Maclanahan’s recent activities are under review by the University’s administration.

The Roost, ETU’s multi-use indoor arena, is rumored to be haunted.

Campus Rumors

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