The Eye of Torngarsuk

The Eye of Torngarsuk is one part of a two-piece set that was created during a ritual sacrifice in the basement of ETU’s indoor arena. A simple new-age Rose Quarts talisman of the type typically sold around Valentine’s day, it has been enchanted with actual magical power through sacred rituals to a malevolent deity.

Whoever wields the talisman may generate a brief but powerful blast of arctic wind, knocking things back a few feet with violent force. It provides immunity to the power of its twin talisman, and its power will not work on anyone wielding the other Eye.

Game Mechanics: The Eye of Torngarsuk has 10 Power Points, and it’s wielder may spend 2 Power Points and succeed at a Ritualism check to use the Fling Power on a target within range. The talisman can be restored to 10 Power Points again by encasing it (for about an hour) in a fresh human heart. The heart is slowly absorbed into the crystal as its Power Points are restored. Animal sacrifices may be partially effective.

The talisman was created by Tyson August, who only used 6 of the Power Points in the talisman before he lost possession of it. At the time that Tyson lost possession of the talisman, it had 4 power points left.

The Eye of Torngarsuk

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